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Why Should You be a Defensive Driver?

Your education at driving does not end the moment you receive your driver’s license. You should still equip yourself with knowledge on how to protect yourself and the people and the environment around you.

You should not drive fast like you are racing for coupon codes on products. But you do not have to be so slow as if you are walking down the sunset. You need to be alert, and aware of your surroundings every time. A responsible driver is a defensive driver.

How can you be a defensive driver?

Be aware of the speed limits

You should know about the speed limit in every road that you pass through. This is mostly indicated in connecting highways and speedways. Some cities have both have top and bottom speed limit while others only have the latter. Make sure to observe signs that show the speeds that your car should be in.


Put your eyes on the road

Never lose focus on driving. The moment you remove your eyes from the road could be the same moment that a child is passing by or another vehicle is making a U-turn. Good thing that Russian laws prevent people from using mobile phones unless they have a hands free kit.

If you ever have to do something, pull over the side of the road and check whatever you need to do. After you finish this, you can start driving again.


Plan your route

The best way to prepare for your travel is to plan your route. By knowing what roads to take, you can anticipate the rules and regulations implemented on them. This is particularly useful for one-way roads and U-turn slots in order to save time during your drive.

Planning your route can also help you know the amount of time to give yourself so that you will not be rushing and driving recklessly just to reach a particular destination. You can take your time and enjoy the scenery as you travel from your home to your vacation venue.


Avoid confrontation

You should always be aware of what the other motorists are doing beside you, in front of you, and behind you. Do not allow your temper to get the better of you. Some drivers even endanger themselves when on the road. Be wise enough to avoid these people and follow safety rules and policies.