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What Tourists Need to Know About Driving in Russia

Driving in Russia is such an interesting experience. Being a foreigner who grew up here, I know that tourists and vacationers alike would have fun and enjoy the country. But before you bring your car here and drive around, you should realize that driving in Russia is not as easy as it looks.

Some people would ask for voucher codes or promo codes for these tips but I am giving them for free. You must remember all of these while you take on the streets of Russia.

If you are on the right side of the road, you are safe.

This is because, in Russia, you drive on the right-hand traffic. It would be pretty easy for people who drive on the same side like those who come from Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, South Korea, Sudan, and the Netherlands. If you were in an Amsterdam holiday and driving along, you can effortlessly move to Russia and rent a car without any hassle.

But if you are a tourist who resides in the UK, Singapore, Brunei, Samoa, Japan, Mauritius, or Malaysia, it may take you a longer time than usual to get used to driving on the roads of Russia. I think it is better to just commute or rent a chauffeur to drive you around, at least in the first few days or weeks.


Calling on your mobile phone without any hands-free connected device is a violation

Taking your mind off the road can sometimes lead you to accidents. Even if you are facing the highway, you are not focused on driving because you are talking with someone on the phone. Your other hand is also not free to hold to the steering wheel or the stick whenever a sudden stop needs to be done.


Do not drink and drive

You are supposed to be having fun as a tourist in an awesome place. But do not bring your fun on the road. It is a serious offense in Russia to drink and drive. Your license may be suspended for two years if you are caught to be drunk with liquor before you drive.


Wearing of seatbelts is a must

Time to snap those seatbelts not just for you but for all your passengers. It is required for front and rear occupiers to have their seatbelts on when you travel.

As long as you follow the rules in Russia, you will have a stress-free vacation and enjoy your whole stay in this amazing country.