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We are a non-profit organization of volunteers and professional who aim to alleviate motorist problems and concerns by ensuring that all our rights and privileges are observed and respected by authorities who implement the laws and regulations governing roads, traffic, and drivers.

As an organization that looks out for the welfare of motorists, we regularly monitor amendments on policies regarding motorists’ rights and responsibilities. We see to it that no procedure is implemented unless it is completely reviewed and scrutinized by our team of experts who are knowledgeable in the matter.


Establishment of the website

To help disseminate information to our members and the general public, we opted to build a website that contains updates and details about current federal laws approved by the Russian governing body. People deserve to know the policies that affect their daily commute and drive. They need to be informed about these rules because they are the ones that are directly affected by the changes on the matter. Whether some regulations are for prevention or for allowance on the road, motorists should understand how these rules will be beneficial to them.


Translating for people

Traffic and regulation terms like website visitors, artificial roads, legislation, overhauling, and other technical words are not known by a lot of people who are present on the road. We aim to make every policy as easy to understand as possible for the daily driver. This tech blog’s goal is to educate people and help them recognize the facts and myths regarding common rules and regulations on traffic.


Removing bias

Having a team of lawyers, law enforcers, and public officials as members and volunteers of this organization will greatly minimize bias inside the organization. We do not side with a particular party, public or private. Our focus is security and protection of the rights of motorists, nothing more and nothing less.


Communication with the traffic agency


One of our main purposes is to ensure the safety of motorists while they are on the road. To do this, we are in regular talks and communication with the officials from the General Administration for Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. This is the agency responsible for the implementation of traffic rules and the investigation of accidents.

We monitor the actual operation of the administration and see to it that they are following the basic rules and regulations when it comes to upholding the law toward motorists. We also make recommendations on possible improvements in current policies on traffic and road investigation.

As much as we cannot prevent 100 percent of accidents from occurring, we can reduce them year-by-year through the constant distribution of safety information to motorists. We cannot stress enough how important safe driving is on our roads. By equipping motorists with practical ways to apply safety in their vehicles and their driving routines, we can increase the number of responsible drivers in Russia.



For our advocacy to completely work, we need your help. We are in search of people who cares for the well-being of the motorists. If you are one of these volunteers whose goal is to genuinely help other motorists with the protection of their rights in Russia, you can get in touch with us.